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中学2年のN.Cさんは、Learn with LEADERSの提供するイエール大学のオンライン講座に今年2月に挑戦しました。
今回受講した講座は「Artful Leadership and Critical Thinking Seminar」です。


At first, I thought that we were going to do a class with the teacher speaking and all but image faded away when our mentor told us to discuss freely the painting on the screen. At first, I did not know what ‘discuss’ would be like. However, this activity of analyzing paintings became one of my favorite activities of this course; the opinions of my classmates varied and sometimes they were comical to me(for example I thought that a painting was depicting a huge clock when a classmate said that he sees a huge sliced orange). The comment that stuck to me was the comment that our mentor said, that our evidence is backed by our experience and there are no right or wrong answers. Unlike normal classes, it felt different in a good way. At some of the classes, there were guest speakers; a speaker who told us about the types of leadership and the elements of a leader and a speaker who is a painter painting about her life in the Gaza Strip and talked about the experiences she had there. At our last class, we presented our final projects. Because it was named ‘final project’ I thought that it would be like a presentation in which I talk about the painting I chose. However, this was again wrong, and my mentor told me that it is more like a discussion than a presentation. The paintings that my classmates chose for the final project were random in a good way. The painting that left an impression on me was a school mural which depicted Hawaiian mythology(the presenter is from Hawaii). Overall, I had fun in this course than a normal school day and want to do this or similar courses again.