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My Ambition
“Japan’s agriculture is in decline!” What do you think when you hear this?
This is a “fact” that many people understand. If you live in the city, you don’t have a rice field in your backyard, or near your house, so I think it’s hard to imagine.
I was born and raised in Tokyo, but for some reason, when I was in the sixth grade of elementary school, I began to think that I wanted to be involved in agriculture.
Three years ago, in the school newsletter of the elementary school. They asked sixth graders, “What is your dream for the future?” What do you think I wrote? I wrote that I want to be a farmer. What do you think of a sixth grader’s dream of being a farmer?
On the day when the school newsletter was distributed, my friend’s mother called my mother on the phone. She said, “Your daughter wants to be a farmer? Isn’t she out of her mind? She studied a lot after school, went to cram school, and got accepted at Senzoku Gakuen, the best girls school!” My mother said, “No she’s not. She’s not a farmer in your image…” My mother and I were very close. So she knows what I really meant by saying that I wanted to be a farmer.I have omitted too much on the news letter. What I meant was that I wanted to support the development of agriculture, but my friend’s mother took it to mean that I wanted to move to a countryside where it’s quiet, clean air…grow vegetables…
Now as I said, I want to “support the development of agriculture in Japan.” There are many ways to support it, but I want to support it by using biotechnology. There is also why I want to make full use of biotechnology.
Have you ever eaten “Amaou”? When I ate for the first time, I lost my back. It was so sweet!! I love strawberries, but I was amazed that such delicious strawberries exist in this world. At that time I was still in the middle of elementary school, and I asked my mother, “Why is Amaou so delicious?” My mother told me, “They improve the quality to make them more delicious. It’s not just strawberries. For example, grapes, apples…and other fruits.”
At the moment, I felt the romance of agriculture, and I thought, biotechnology can create a new product not just produce it but bring happiness to our daily life. In addition, improved quality makes them easier to grow and less susceptible to disease.
Therefore, my ambition is to use biotechnology to make Japanese agriculture more interesting and attractive, and to support the development of Japanese agriculture.