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We all had a great time. We made many friends from different schools, so the two weeks were very fun. We still interact from time to time.

The most pleasant part was that I was able to communicate with Denis, who made Excel. I met him at the cafeteria. I asked about his career, and he told me that he developed built-in computers of drones and also miniature computers for NHK. He made a lot of important statements about my life, future, and the society of Japan and America. He was very interesting, and this conversation made some big changes in me.

I was impressed by people’s kindness. Everyone was very kind for example opening the door for me, greeting me, and trying to help me. Also, they helped me with my homework for the interview. Even strangers were very kind like showing us the way.

There are some things that I noticed after I came back to Japan. First, I can understand any English in any speed. I think this is the result of the listening class. Second, I think my pronunciation has improved. This is the result of the speaking class.

I desire to be a global research doctor. In order to make my dream come true, I’m planning to go to a foreign university and get an international doctor’s license. Therefore, English is the most important item for my future. I want to study English very hard to improve my English skills. In this program, I had English classes almost every day. I learned how to pronounce like a native speaker and how to write an essay. These skills are very useful for my future, and I’m glad that I was able to attend this program.