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Harvard Diary -卒業生より




It was my greatest pleasure to host two Senzoku students while they
were in Boston for Harvard Model United Nations conference. After the
conference, the girls spent a few days experiencing college life –
staying at my dormitory on campus, shadowing various Harvard classes,
eating lunch at Annenberg Hall (which looks just like Hogwarts from
Harry Potter!), and meeting many Harvard students. They also visited
Boston University and MIT, where my friends showed them around.
The week that they were here in Cambridge was definitely one of the
top highlights of my semester! Nothing makes me happier than being
able to connect with kohais because I remember having so many
questions about college life when I was in Senzoku. One of my favorite
parts of Senzoku is that it offers a tight-knit community where the
bond between kohais and sempais is incredibly strong. I am so happy to
be able to help my kohais the same way as my own sempais had helped

Akari Furukawa